"Targeting power grid is too easy, Energy Department says."


FEMA now recommends maintaining a 2 week supply of provisions for a family.


"In California, Fires So Fast Hesitation Proved Lethal"

New York Times, October 2017

"A Cyberattack in Saudia Arabia Had a Deadly Goal. Experts Fear Another Try."

New York Times, March 2018

The possibilities of unfortunate events are real and endless. Families need to be ready for the unexpected and anticipate needs. It’s overwhelming but it doesn’t have to be. Stand2 can help.

Our services include expert in-home consultations, detailed action plans and full-service supply installation.

What We Do

Consult + Assess

Lasts up to 1.5 hours, includes consultation to look at unique home set-up, provide recommendations, answer any questions and spot any readiness issues and concerns.  All clients start with this service.

Includes basic readiness recommendation ‘check-list.'

Introductory price: $275

Action Plan

Includes in-home consult + assessment + check-list.

Additionally, contains customized detailed ‘to-do’ and ‘to-get’ lists with recommendations geared to individual family needs and circumstances.  Price varies with customization.


Includes in-home consult + assessment + check-list.

Also includes customized action plan, gathering, packaging and personal delivery of customized gear/supplies (installation) as well as final in-home training.  Price varies with customization.

How It Works

Step one

Contact Stand2. Get a link to and complete the emergency readiness questionnaire. Set up your in-home assessment + consultation.

Step two

In-home assessment + consultation will last up to 1.5 hours and includes a Stand2 checklist with written feedback for the family to keep. DIYers will have all they need to go shopping and be prepared.

Step Three

Or, go a step further and request a customized action plan that includes your family’s unique circumstances: your home, family, pets and extended family to achieve optimal readiness and peace of mind.

Step Four

For people who just can’t find the time or want a higher level of support, services include shopping, installation and family training.

Visit our services page for more details.

By Failing To Prepare,

You are preparing to fail.

Benjamin Franklin

Who We Are

We watch disasters and are astounded at the lack of emergency readiness. There is widespread trust that there will be enough first responders to save everyone, yet we know resources can only cover a very small number of lives. At Stand2, we help families prepare for the next scenario where you only have yourselves to depend on. We have more than 25 years of survival and military experience to put to work for your family. Learn more about how Stand2 can help you.