Frequently Asked Questions


We want to meet and consult with all clients in order to gain an understanding of unique set-ups, needs and concerns, and to meet the needs of all clients. We feel that the in-home consultation / assessment is the best way to go about providing the best truly customized service for each individual client and family. We operate on customization though, so please feel free to reach out to us with ideas, comments or concerns!

All major credit cards, checks, cash.

Our services are completely customized for each client and we want to ensure that we meet the needs of each client. Therefore, the time frame can vary a bit. After the initial consult + assessment, if you choose to move forward with an action plan or full installation package, you can expect Stand2 to deliver the said action plan or full installation package within a few weeks. We will be honest with the timeframe, and when possible, work with any time restraints the client may have.

We will respond within one business day to submitted contact requests. We strive to accommodate our clients’ schedules, and will be happy to schedule your initial consultation + assessment as quickly as possible, whether that is a few days or a week or more from initial contact. We do ask each client to take a few minutes to fill out the pre-consult questionnaire so that we at Stand2 can prepare for the consult + assessment and ensure that we meet your needs and expectations.

Our introductory price for the consult + assessment is $250, within our travel radius. It includes up to an hour and a half with our lead consultant and a checklist with notes for the client to keep. 

*We will come outside of that radius, but please understand due to travel time if you live outside of that radius, there will be a travel fee. If you have a friend nearby who would also like to utilize our services on the same day at a consecutive time, we will work with you on the travel fee!

Since the action plan and full installation packages are so highly customized, the price will vary.

For the full installation service, Stand2 will give a proposal to the client/family prior to finalizing the contents and final cost of the installation service. Stand2 customizes around any gear and supplies already belonging to the client/family.  

Yes! Claire + Jason actually found out first hand that we had different concerns (and therefore different needs for action and peace of mind) when we filled out our own questionnaire together!

This will be something that Stand2 plans to offer in the future! However, in the mean time, we can make recommendations for various training opportunities.

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