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Emergency supplies to keep in your car kit.

Feb 4 2019

What’s In Your Road Emergency Bag?

Suffice it to say that it is smart and practical to have provisions for the unexpected in a place that carries you and your loved ones far and wide:  your car. You already have car ...
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Sep 12 2018

Hurricane Florence – Are You Ready Georgia?

Of course, we should ideally be ‘emergency ready’ before our state is put in a ‘state of emergency,’ but many of us are finding ourselves running to the stores. If you’re running to the store ...
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Aug 15 2018

For the Love of Pets…

If you consider your pets to be members of your family (and we hope that you do!), then it is paramount that you include pets in your emergency readiness plans. You should account for and ...
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Aug 1 2018

Go Now

This is going to be such a ‘feel good’ post, I feel like the only missing detail is some dark, scary, anxiety-producing music playing in the background that is impossible to turn off without restarting ...
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Jul 24 2018

Why Do I Need To Know Basic First Aid?

You just never know when first aid skills will come in handy. Last summer, during an art workshop at Arrowmont, a fellow artist collapsed. I was first on ‘scene’, as my table backed up to ...
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Jul 6 2018

Turning Fear Into Awareness

Rarely have I described the concept of Stand2 or put the idea out there and not gotten a reaction of some kind. Some reactions included the sentiment of ‘this is something I have wanted to ...
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